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Our Health

Suicide - Arctic Health
(National Library of Medicine and University of Alaska Anchorage)

Our Stories

American Indian/Alaska Native Teen Suicide Prevention (PDF, 452 KB)
(Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, DHHS)

Here For A Reason Suicide Prevention Youth & Elders Wisdom
(Indian Health Board of Minneapolis)
Elders offer messages to youth about their lives, stress, overcoming and accepting their lives indivudal lives [8:10 minutes]

Here For A Reseaon Youth Video
(Indian Health Board of Minneapolis)
A boy isolates himself due to depression and stress in his life. His female co-worker notices his smoking, which she has never seen before, confronts him about it, and suggests a counseling group for youth in the community [3:06 minutes]

For Researchers, Health Professionals, & Educators

Acting on What We Know: Preventing Youth Suicide in First Nations (PDF, 1.26 MB)
(Health Canada)
This 2003 report provides an examination of the issues by the Advisory Group on Suicide Prevention, from basic suicide data to specific factors affecting First Nations, and based on this, presents recommendations for action.

AAS 2011 American Indian/Alaskan Natives Suicide Fact Sheet (PDF, 385 KB)
(American Association of Suicidology)
Facts from 2011 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported

Suicide and Native Americans
(National Library of Medicine)
Journal citations from MEDLINE/PubMed

Suicide Prevention and Native Americans
(National Library of Medicine)
Journal citations from MEDLINE/PubMed

Project Trust: Report and Recommendations for Enhancing the Well-Being of Native American Youth, Families, and Communities (PDF, 410 KB)
(Project Trust Partnership and New Mexico Department of Health)
This 2008 report represents efforts to promote the meantl health and well-being of Native American youth, their families, and their communities through development of policy, practice and research reccomendations that emphasize the importance of tradtional cultural teachings and healing practices.

Preventing Suicide by American Indian and Alaska Native Youth and Young Adults
(Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, DHHS)
Lays the groundwork for community-based suicide prevention and mental health promotion plans for American Indian and Alaska Native youth and young adults. Addresses risks, protective factors, and awareness, and describes prevention models for action.

Resources for Professional Providers
(Indian Health Service)
Links to assessments, reports, and programs.

American Indian/Alaska Native Suicide Prevention
(Suicide Prevention Resource Canter)
Resources for preventing and understanding sucidie in American Indian populations.

Ensuring the Seventh Generation: A Youth Tribal Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Tribal Child Welfare Programs (PDF, 3,113 KB)
The purpose of this toolkit is to help tribal child welfare workers and care providers play an effective role in the prevention of suicide among the children and youth they serve. The toolkit contains background reading on the issue of suicide in Indian Country and the use of cultural approaches to prevention and community healing.

Meth and Suicide Prevention E-Newsletter
(National Indian Health Board)
The Methamphetamine Suicide Prevention E-Newsletter is a monthly free e-newsletter produced by the National Indian Health Board. Each issue contains information regarding methamphetamine and suicide - two critical public health issues that are negatively impacting Indian Country.

Suicide Prevention: Inuit Traditional Practices that Encouraged Resilience and Coping (PDF, 475 KB)
(National Aboriginal Health Organization)
A 2006 report which outlines the Inuit traditional practices that encouraged resilience and coping and their use in the prevention of suicide.

Organizations and Programs

Planting Seeds of Hope
(Montana Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council)

Health Information About Suicide for Everyone

Depression in MedlinePlus
(National Library of Medicine)

Suicide in MedlinePlus
(National Library of Medicine)

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