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Traditional Tobacco Use

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Health information specific to American Indian and Alaska Native people

About Traditional Tobacco

Aboriginal Tobacco Program

Do You Know the Difference?

Aboriginal Tobacco Program

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Generations of Women Poster (PDF, 801 KB)

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Promoting Wise Communities

Aboriginal Tobacco Program

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Tobacco 101

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

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American Indians and Alaska Native people share their personal health experiences

Karuk Sacred Smoke

Northern California Indian Development Council

This video presents impact of commercial tobacco in the American Indian community. The messages the students communicate is that tobacco is a sacred gift for many tribes and that commercial tobacco is a major health risk for American Indian people. The effort of these students promotes both an important health message while reinforcing American Indian culture. Having students present this information has given ordinarily shy individuals a powerful voice in making peer-to-peer connections.

Then and Now: Interview with "Respecting the Tobacco Way"

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Interview with the Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology Center of the Montana Tribal Leaders Council project "Respecting the Tobacco Way."

For Researchers, Health Professionals, and Educators
Tools for American Indian and Alaska Native people health

Circles of tobacco wisdom: learning about traditional and commercial tobacco with native elders

Nadeau M, Blake N, Poupart J, Rhodes K, Forster JL

Circles of Tobacco Wisdom (CTW) was an elder-led, community-based project that aimed to enhance tobacco control in the American Indian community.  Its goal was to provide the elders with the knowledge, opportunities, and support to enable them to assume leadership of a tobacco control movement that was grounded in the ceremonial traditions of tobacco use.  Journal article, 2012.

Sacred Tobacco Use in Ojibwe Communities: Journal Abstract

Struthers R, Hodge FS, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

2004 Data from SAMHSA's Drug and Alcohol Services Information System (DASIS).

Organizations and Programs
Organizations and programs supporting health in American Indian and Alaska Native communities

All Nations Breath of Life

Keep it Sacred

National Native Network