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Our Health

Breast Cancer Information
(Office of Women‘s Health‚ DHHS)

Cancers in American Indian/Alaska Native Women
(Office of Women's Health‚ DHHS)

Colorectal Cancer Screening: A Circle of Health for Alaskans (PDF‚ 1,753 KB)
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‚ DHHS)

Native American Elders Diagnosed with Cancer
(Native American Cancer Research)

Native American Healing
(American Cancer Society)

What is Cancer?
(All Nations Breath of Life)

Our Stories

The Wolf
A video story about a Native American man's battle with and coming to terms with his prostate cancer.
This digital story was produced at Fond Du Lac Human Services, with assistance from nDigiDreams, LLC, and sponsorship from the American Indian Health User Group and the Outreach and Special Populations Branch of the National Library of Medicine.
          Transcript (PDF, 13 KB)

An American Indian Physician: Dr. Judith Kaur, Warrior in the Fight Against Cancer
(National Cancer Institute, NIH)
Dr. Judith Kaur is an American Indian physician and Medical Director of Native American Programs at the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center. She talks about her journey on the road to becoming a physician.

Connecting Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Traditional Native Healing Practices
(National Cancer Institute, NIH)
Dr. White, Director of The Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) and Dr. Henderson, CEO of Black Hills Center for American Indian Health; discuss cancer research as it relates to complementary and alternative medicine in the Native American community.

The Storytellers for Breast Cancer
(Native American Cancer Research)
These Native survivor's stories give information about breast cancer and how survivors dealt with their disease. The stories are written as conversations between the survivor and family members and discuss cancer information, treatments, and other information with each other.

Video Vignettes
(Native American Cancer Research)
Over 50 survivors, healthcare workers and advocates share their stories on video tape. Storytellers share personal information about clinical trials, communication, treatments, spirituality, and other information. The videos are short and have the story text written next to the video.

For Researchers, Health Professionals, & Educators

Native American Children and Cancer
(National Library of Medicine)
Journal Citations from MEDLINE/PubMed

Native Americans and Cancer
(National Library of Medicine)
Journal Citations from MEDLINE/PubMed

Native Americans and Leukemia
(National Library of Medicine)
Journal Citations from MEDLINE/PubMed

Cancer Awareness and Prevention Posters
(Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium)

Cancer and American Indians/Alaska Natives
(Office of Minority Health, HHS)
This resource provides cancer statistics and incidence rates.

Cancer Incidence in American Indians and Alaska Natives
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HHS)
The special collection of papers in this supplement uses cancer incidence data from CDC's National Program of Cancer Registries and the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results program, enhanced by record linkages and geographic factors to improve racial classification. Ten of the articles focus on cancers in specific anatomic sites. The remaining six articles give an overview of cancer in AI/AN, describe cancer in young adult AI/AN, explain the methods used to improve data quality, and describe risk factors and screening practices in AI/AN using Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data. Since cancer incidence in this population is affected by geographic regional patterns, each article presents data by region and for all regions combined.

EPEC™­O (Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Oncology), American Indian and Alaska Native Cultural Considerations, CD-ROM and DVD
(National Cancer Institute, NIH)
Free CD from the NCI includes a comprehensive multimedia train-the-trainer palliative curriculum with a section for self study and materials for trainers. Adapted from the original EPEC™­O curriculum to meet the needs of clinicians serving American Indian and Alaska Native populations. A new plenary, Cancer in Indian Country, and an additional module, Cultural Considerations in End-of-Life Care of American Indian/Alaska Native Populations, have been added along with culturally specific video vignettes.

Division of Epidemiology and Disease Prevention – Cancer Resources
(Indian Health Services)
Presents cancer trends, statistics and reports.

Facing Cancer in Indian Country: The Yakama Nation and Pacific Northwest Tribes (PDF, 1,934 KB)
(National Cancer Institute, NIH)
Report of nearly 40 tribel elders and members, and health and social care providers, share their experiences and described key issues affecting cancer incidence, mortality, and care in this region.

Patient Navigator Research Program Wins Approval; Model Already Being Tested at Native American Sites (PDF, 534 KB)
(National Cancer Institute, NIH)
This article discusses the use of registered nurses as patient navigators to assist the patient in understanding the diagnosis and treatment of their cancer.

Reducing Cancer Disparities for American Indians in the Rural Intermountain West (PDF, 213 KB)
(University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health)
This presentation explores barriers for American Indians in Montana in not seek medical help for cancer, and offers solutions to these barriers.

Organizations and Programs

Native American Cancer Research
(National Cancer Institute‚ NIH)

Health Information About Cancer for Everyone

Anyone Can Get Skin Cancer
(National Cancer Institute, NIH)
Information sheet about the risk and prevention of skin cancer.

Breast Cancer Detective
(University of Michigan Medical School)

Breast Cancer - NIH Senior Health
(National Library of Medicine) - Cancer Topics
(National Cancer Institute‚ NIH)

Cancer in MedlinePlus
(National Library of Medicine)

Colorectal Cancer - NIH Senior Health
(National Library of Medicine)

Health Disparities in Cancer
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‚ DHHS)

Lung Cancer - NIH Senior Health
(National Library of Medicine)

Prostate Cancer - NIH Senior Health
(National Library of Medicine)

Skin Cancer - NIH Senior Health
(National Library of Medicine)

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